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Details for torrent: 空洞骑士——官方中文整合全DLC豪华版

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Torrent Hash:B37B10355CDF3F6894BD2807396A19820BBC8BB0
Number of Files:10
Content Size:1.93 GB
Created On:2022-05-16


File NameContent Size
安装/GBTgame_1.bin 1.01 GB
Ⅱ乐赏 GBT游戏小组 - 天上文曲星制作.txt 811 bytes
Ⅲ乐赏 原创影视游戏天地 - GSCQ.txt 811 bytes
Ⅰ乐赏 GSCQ.ME.url 45 bytes
安装/GBTgame_CHECKSUM.md5 49 bytes
安装/GBTgame_Setup.exe 5.03 MB
附件/《空洞骑士》图标.rar 625.61 KB
附件/《空洞骑士》壁纸.rar 3.94 MB
附件/《空洞骑士》官方OTS合集.rar 934.85 MB
附件/《空洞骑士》护符生命面具全收集存档.rar 345.61 KB